Instagram Roundup Friday 03-30-12

Cody vinyl toys by Jon Knox. Produced in France. Photo by @podgypanda in London.

Here’s my fourth and biggest Instagram Round-up. It was a great week for toy “iPhoneography” with artists and collectors reporting in from London,  LA, Sacramento, Düsseldorf and Bali. There’s old toys, new toys, work-in-progress and collaborations. Click through for 21 photos including KAWS, Camille Rose Garcia, Circus Posterus, Ferg, The Elephant Man, Rihanna, Garfield and Care Bears. Have a great weekend!

Treeson vinyl toys by Bubi Au Yeung. Produced in Hong Kong. Photo by @tokyio in Düsseldorf.
Something cute and green by @chimagroup
Kaiju Melt Monster Ice Scream Man collab by @honkeylips & @bryanbrutherford
Work in progress by @sawdustbear

There’s more!

Knuckles enters his "Blue Period" by @spencerblamo
A bag of beheaded Brian Donnelly aka KAWS. Photo by @toykio
Kaiju for Grody-ups by @lulubellluke
Unconventional Care Bear Tattoo. Photo by @kellyn_elizabeth
Mohawk skull by Haroshi. Photo by @andyhowell43
This is not a gif. Trippy. Photo by @juxtapozmag
Portrait of the Elephant Many by @martinheadrocks
Coming soon from @circusposterus...
Coming soon from @fergbag
Garfield is looking a bit tired. Photo by @friendswithyou
Cats in suitcases. Always. Photo by @southersalazar
Draw Something: Rihanna by @liverdiet
Lego flower by Kayla Suavillo. Now in the collection of @vannenwatches.
Sniper Ryan. Toy Target Practice. Photo by @agent_r aka "dad"