JEREMYRIAD is a blog about arty toys, clever design, ephemeral art and populist art objects (aka ‘popjects’) written by Jeremy Brautman. The blog title, Jeremyriad, is a portmanteau meaning “a myriad of Jeremy.” After several years of daily updates, Jeremyriad is now on hiatus. Have no fear though: I’m still writing!

Related to my tenure in toy art: I edited Toy Art 2.0, a four-pound coffee table book about the toy art community. I was honored with my own trading card in series 3 of The Art Hustle. I curated the group art events, LOVE MOVEMENT and EARTH MOVEMENT. I wrote a recurring column on toy design for the print magazine, Design Bureau. I used to be a ‘trendspotter’ for Cool Hunting and Josh Spear. I’ve consulted for cool brands like MAQET and Vannen Watches. Using Kickstarter, I’ve raised funds > $3K for an art show and > $5K for a toy production. I currently work full-time as a copywriter and part-time as a caretaker at The Ladybug Hotel.

Want to learn more about my “career” as “the toy maven”? Read and peruse these interviews. Listen to my music. Peep my pics. Tweet tweet tweet. Here are some of my favorite stories and nice things people have said.

It has been said that my features are “fun to draw”. Here’s a growing gallery of portraits of me. Click each image to go to the artist’s website.

Anna the Red Dave Correia David Choe
Dyna Moe Jon Burgerman Jonathan Edwards
Mathias Bax Mike Leavitt Reuben Rude
Sergey Safonov Shing Yin Khor Amir
Shin Tanaka Task One Michal Wisniowski
Skinner Vanessa Ramirez JR