Not sure where to begin? Here’s a handful of my favorite posts. Click each image to go to the full story (where applicable). All articles written by Jeremy Brautman.

Jeremycats Map


KAWS Companions in coffins

Jeremycat Flipped on eBay!

Giant Cat or Tiny Tree?

Million Dollar Twisting

MOMA's Century of the Child: Growing by Design (1900-2000)

Jeremyriad card for Art Hustle Series 3

Jeremyriad Hipster Animal by Dyna Moe

Mütter Museum Save-a-Skull

Bunyip by Perks and Mini

Comic-Con 2012 Digested!

Earth Movement Postcard


Design Bureau x Felt Mistress

Design Bureau Interview With Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters

DesignerCon 2011 Recap

Interview with The Sucklord about Work of Art

Design Bureau Interview with K. Olin Tribu (porcelain makers from France)

100 Tattoos Inspired by Toy Art

A Playful Interview with Junko Mizuno

Design Bureau: Toys By Design: Ferg

Comic-Con 2011 Coverage


Ribbons for Resin: Is the Toy Community Ready to Be Judged?

Wondercon 2011 Coverage

Design Bureau Interview with Coarse Toys

East Bay Express story on Leecifer and Super7

Funding Toys with Kickstarter

Real Talk About Custom Toys


SDCC 2010 Comic-Con Coverage

Design Bureau column on Sergey Safonov (resins from Russia)

Two-part Interview with Brian Flynn

An Open Letter to Kidrobot

Blindsided: A Look at the Industry