Tim Biskup’s Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragons at Comic-Con 2012

Tim Biskup with Rotofugi Crew

Speaking of Rotofugi at Comic-Con…The premiere toy made with Roto-a-Matic technology was a highlight for Rotofugi’s founders and fans. Tim Biskup, who recalls enjoying similar toys in his youth, got the honor of designing the machine’s first mass-produced blow-molded polyethylene wax toy.

Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragons

Witness the Helper Dragon (in yellow, orange and blood orange)!

Tim Biskup signing orange Helper Dragon

Biskup stopped by the Rotofugi booth on Friday to sign all kinds of wax. Sure there were the Roto-a-Matic toys, but he also brought with him a pile of 7-inch records by Big Butter, the band he’s in with his brother, Mike. You can order Big Butter’s “Congress/Tribblet” and “Fighter/Made to Roam” records with Biskup’s geometric or old-style character design sleeves online here.

Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragons by Tim Biskup

For more Roto-a-Matic toys, you’ll have to visit Rotofugi in Chicago where they’re made on demand. Thanks to Kirby, I was able to get an extra Helper Dragon to send to Sergey Safonov in Moscow. (I hope you like BLOOD orange, dude!)

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Tim Biskup signing Helper Dragon

Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragons by Tim Biskup

record covers

Tim Biskup signing record

Tim Biskup sculptures at Rotofugi

Tim Biskup stuff at Rotofugi

geometric  prints


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