Tim Biskup’s Roto-a-Matic and Bronze Helper Dragons

Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup x Rotofugi

If you’ve been collecting vinyl toys for a while, you’re probably somewhat familiar with Rotofugi and the near-mythical Roto-a-Matic machine. Kirby Kerr, co-owner of the Chicago-based toy store and art gallery, has been working on the Roto-a-Matic™ for as long as I can remember. Now, the fruit of his labor is finally ready…and it’s a 4.75-inch blow-molded polyethylene wax Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup.


Rotofugi’s Roto-a-Matic™ machine once lived in the Los Angeles Zoo where it last made kangaroos, but was retired after decades of service.

We have lovingly rehabbed this machine, re-christening it The Roto-a-Matic™. Then we asked some of our artist and toy designer friends to make new sculpts for the machine so it now makes art toys instead of zoo souvenirs, but the spirit is still the same…visit us in Chicago, put in your token and see your toy made right before your eyes! There’s nothing better than the feel of the warm plastic as you reach into the bin to pull out your newly made treasure. We sincerely hope you enjoy this figure as much as we have enjoyed making it possible.

Helper Dragons will be available at Comic-Con in Rotofugi’s booth (#4736) for $6 each. Tim Biskup will be present on Friday, July 13th from 1-2PM.

Roto-a-Matic Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup x Rotofugi

If your blood is a bit richer than blow-molded polyethylene, but you dig the design, Rotofugi also produced an edition of five pieces in bronze. Biskup designed, sculpted and produced the 5.5-inch bronze sculpture, and Rotofugi will have one piece available at Comic-Con for $2,700.

Tim Biskup's Helper Dragon in bronze