More New Kaiju Melt Monsters Including a Drippy Darth Vader!

Kevin Herdeman crossed the 100 mark on his ambitious monster-a-day program, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. He continues to experiment with his signature “drip” melting style: using new underlying forms, combining multiple colors and adding sparkle, marble and glow-in-the-dark effects.

Kaiju Melt Monsters by Kevin Herdeman

I love the way these “Kaiju Melt Monsters” have such a pristine finish. It’s an interesting contrast to the sludgy Japanese Hedorah, which was a partial inspiration for the series. Even the photography is nice and clean (with a glorious green background) and great for giffing (see Drip Vader above).

Herdeman’s etsy shop is fully stocked with 3 pages of Melt Monsters priced from $15-$4o. The black Chub with one green eye below is spoken for, but there’s a couple of Drip Vaders and some candy-coated cyclops(es) who are calling out to be adopted.


I figure I should start posting updates and successes and inspirational stories as addenda to these posts. So here goes: Yesterday, Kevin (@honkeylips), posted to Instagram that he was “filling the shop back up slowly but surely” with an accompanying etsy grid pic. I caught that, ordered this, and at 10AM this morning, published the post you are currently viewing. Kevin has over 850 followers on Instagram. At about 7:30PM today, he noted he’d sold 11 figures. MORAL: If you make or design things, you should show them on Instagram. If you are a good person and you present your wares well, they may show up on blogs –> twitter –> Facebook.