Jesus Christ at Comic-Con 2012

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

I like signs, and in particular, protest signs, so naturally I was drawn to the distinctly jaundiced Jesusy signs outside the convention center during Comic-Con.

In the photo above, I have obviously caught Echo and the Bunnymen’s pink-shirted Ian McCullough (or The Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie?) having traveled back in time to attend the Con (or protest)!

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

The Bible-belters had sole reign of the sidewalk on Day 1, but by Day 2, Comic-Con’s atheists, pagans, virgins and hedonists had clearly had enough. During lunch, I ran into a small group of renegades who, having “appropriated” a sign, were busy altering its meaning.

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

By Day 3, the protesters were out in full force, preaching their made-up stories and fantasy  parables. Hmmm…wait a minute…

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

Day 4 was a nerdy ne’er-do-well free-for-all. Cthulu is a false idol, right?

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

The moment of reckoning is at hand!

Jesus at Comic-Con 2012

I’m just as confused.

Wonder Woman's Jesus Tattoo

FYI, there’s room for religion AND superheroes in this society. As seen in the photo above, a hearing-impaired Wonder Woman sports a Jesus tattoo while registering for Comic-Con. What I’ve got no patience for is evangelicals who call out comic-book-reading kids as “sinners”. Thankfully, their bullheaded, bullhorned speeches mostly fell on deaf ears anyway.


Get Right With Comic-Con
photo submitted by Sarah Jo Marks

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