Instant Michael Lau Collection on eBay

Instant Michael Lau CollectionAn eBay auction for a collection of 21 LA/NY Fat Gardeners by Michael Lau recently fetched ended (possibly unclaimed) at $3000 GBP, which is approximately $4,915.20 USD. Based on the US pricing, that’s about $238 per 6-inch figure. ┬áIn the listing, the seller mentioned that it took 2 years to track down this collection. I think the Crylon figures look rad as a rainbow (each can comes with two figures, also). If you consider this set as a series of art multiples or one excellent “installation,” $5K becomes a very attractive price. I can’t help wondering if the seller had hoped for more… The buyer gets 21 LA/NY Fat figures + 14 (I think) Tattoo figures for just under $5K. Did he/she miss out on the thrill of the chase or just skip the hassle of the hunt? What do you think?