Meet the Flirps by Sergey Safonov

The Flirps by Sergey Safonov

I briefly touched on Sergey Safonov‘s Flirps in the days leading up to DesignerCon, but since the leading graphic was an animated, pulsating, rainbow Luno, I understand that you may have gone into a trance and missed the memo. Safonov recently added the Flirps to his online shop, so we had a quick chat about his newest resin toys.

Flirps by Sergey Safonov

JB: So who are the Flirps?

SS: As characters: They are mini dwellers who (like the Moon Wanderers) live somewhere in the Gooma universe. They are the part of the story that wasn’t illustrated yet [due to time constraints], but it’s coming.

As toys: I always wanted to make mini-figures. Last year, there was a lot of discussion on the future of resin and what to expect from ‘the movement’. My idea was the mini series, and Flirps are the attempt to make a resin mini series.

Flirps: Bayloom by Sergey Safonov

Can you describe your creative process?

I always carry a sketchbook with me, and I often sketch while commuting. I spend about two hours a day on the train, so my sketchbooks filled with caracters like these or these and these or these. I have various types of characters: warriors, travelers, divine creatures, ghouls, fantasy animals, birds and simple mini characters that were named Flirps. There’s so many of them; I hope to continue this series.

Character sketches by Sergey Safonov

How did you come up with the names and what do they mean?

Their names are mix of simple syllables, gypsy numbers and other lingo. I don’t really think they need individual names. Even the series name ‘Flirps’ sounds better than the individual ‘Flirp’…

Flirps by Sergey Safonov

There you have it: socialist resins (just kidding) by Sergey Safonov. You can find the Flirps in your imagination in the Gooma universe or in reality in this online shop. Individual figures cost between $30 and $40 and can be made in your choice of red, blue or “chocomint”. Like Safonov’s other character designs, the Flirps have a quiet innocence and a sculptural charm. Naturally, I indulged in the entire fleet of chocomint (green & brown) Flirps.