Christmas Comes Early to Hong Kong with Michael Lau

Michael Lau has been on my mind lately. For a designer who most people agree is the originator (or a pioneer) of the “designer toy” genre, he certainly hasn’t been getting a lot of coverage from within the toy blogosphere.

A brief, random poll shows that the only consensus about Lau’s current place in the toy scene is that EVERYONE hates MINDstyle. I’ll delve more into this after DesignerCon.

These photos are from Lau’s Crazy X-mas installation in Hong Kong’s Times Square. You might not notice the scale of it until you look at the people walking around. Those are some big Gardeners! I would love to walk through this. Work like this shows that Michael Lau is still hugely relevant, but perhaps needs to rethink his allies. To be continued… For more photos, see HypeBeast.