Support Luno the Moon Rover Space Toy Project!

It’s with great joy that I announce the launch of Sergey Safonov‘s Luno the Moon Rover Kickstarter project. Many of you know that Sergey has been working to produce Luno for a while, and that for five years, Luno was the mascot of Sergey’s Moscow-based designer toy store, Lunohod-1.

We’ve been waiting for Luno long enough.

This morning begins Luno’s campaign on Kickstarter. We are hoping to raise funds to complete production of the rotocast resin moon rover with Crazy Label. If When we reach enough money to produce 50 figures, Crazy Label will get to work. We’ve given ourselves 3 weeks to accomplish this, because for symbolic reasons, we want the project to come to term on April 12th (the 50th anniversary of the first man in space).

Kickstarter is your only opportunity to get this 5-inch, 3-wheeled figure. We’ve also got a couple other rewards for your pledges, so please check it out. Sergey and I are looking forward to bringing Luno to life.

Please spread the word, and pledge if you can. Any questions: hit up Sergey or me. We’re very easy to find.