Plush Angry Ice Cream and Faux Taxidermy by Lana Crooks

Plush iScreams by Lana Crooks

Plushinator Lana Crooks has the ultimate companion pieces for all those plastic Ice Scream Men you’ve been collecting: Double scoop, extra angry iScream cones (soft serve, naturally). Four flavors of the hand-sewn 13” x 8″ x 6″ iScreams are currently available: Atomic Mint, Rainbow Sherbet, Radioactive Raspberry and Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl. I was powerless against the green edition. (It matches last year’s Lana Crooks x Andrew Bell plush green grumpy bean!)

Plush iScreams by Lana Crooks

There’s another reason to pick up some plush. While the iScreams may be soft serve, Crooks isn’t being self-serving: On September 23rd, Lana is taking part in the Run for Their Lives 8K charity fundraiser for PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter. (Her kitty, Tanuki, is a PAWS pet, and she did the race last year too.) In addition to doing the actual legwork of running, Lana hopes to make a separate cash donation through sales from her etsy shop.

Plush Famine by Lana Crooks

Lana is one of a handful of artists elevating soft sculpture to the next level. Her etsy shop is now stocked with all manner of cute (yet angry) creations and slightly sinister vegetarian-friendly faux taxidermy.

Plush Pestilence by Lana Crooks

To sweeten the pot, she’s offering a 20% discount off all work with coupon code PAWS20. If you use the code, Lana will donate 20% to PAWS. If you can afford to not use the discount, she’ll donate the full 40% in your name to all those adorable, giant-eyed kittens that need our help. Collect and be charitable at the same time! 

Plush Death by Lana Crooks

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