This is Your Brain on Drugs

Brain on Drugs by Mikie Graham

Mikie “Zombiemonkie”¬†Graham is a child of the 80s, and as such, he can’t so much as look at Emilio Garcia‘s Jumping Brain figure without hearing the classic 1987 “this is your brain on drugs” PSA. Perhaps to stop the voices in his head, he created a run of customized “This is Your Brain” Jumping Brains, all fried up and ready to collect. I think these are hilarious, and they get big points for nostalgia. Can’t you see attaching a strong magnet to the back of the pan and slapping it onto your fridge? (I can.) There will be ten available from Dragatomi’s booth #4935 at Comic-Con for $45 each. Fun.

Jumping Brain on Drugs by Mikie Graham


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