Patient No.6 is Ready for Discharge

Patient No 6

I’m about to go wire some money to the Ukraine. I know what you’re thinking: “Hey Jeremy, why don’t you give your bank account number to that exiled Nigerian guy, too, while you’re at it?” To you I say: we’ll talk when the Nigerian makes toys as interesting as this one. Last month, I got intrigued with Solya and Asha who sought to explore society’s adverse reaction to creatives and other misunderstood people through this psychiatric art toy prototype. I wasn’t alone in my fascination. Patient №6 also caught the eye of Frank Kozik, who commented: “This is really cool and interesting on every level.”

Patient No. 6

Flash forward to now. Patient №6 is all painted up and ready to be discharged! Alexandr sent word of two ways you can get this 5-inch acrylic on plastic figure:

  • Version 1 The man (patient number 6), his toy car (ambulance), medical history and all this is packaged in a cardboard box – Priced at US$ 35
  • Version2 The man (patient number 6), his chamber (wood room , bed, pillow, blanket), medical history and all this is packaged in a cardboard box – Priced at US$ 70

Patient No 6

You can order through their website, but this may prove tricky for those of you outside the Ukraine. I recommend dropping a line to alexandr [dot] otsabera [at] dhl [dot] com.Shipping to the U.S. is $20. I love a toy that makes a statement, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. There’s already a discount listed for purchases of plush by anyone who can send proof of mental illness. Collecting is such a slippery slope to hoarding, isn’t it? So should we fax that, email it or snail mail then?

Patient No.6

[I wrote this post for another blog, where it originally appeared with the following feedback, which I’ve grabbed and uploaded here for posterity.]