11-Year Old Makes Resin Toys, Now Available in Stores

Dropping Jaw Resin by Jacob JAMS

11-year-old Jacob Siegelbaum aka JAMS is a big fan of art toys, and he’s been customizing since 2010. This year, he started sculpting and casting his own resin toys. Dropping Jaw is one of his favorite characters, and it’s now being sold through a designer toy store. New York’s Tenacious Toys nabbed the blue exclusive edition of 5 pieces, which are available for $15 each here.

Dropping Jaw Resin Toys by Jacob JAMS

Jacob writes that he likes Dropping Jaw because of the range of different emotions he could be expressing. He also says: “I am available for commission work, but please keep in mind, it may take time because I have homework.” Ha!

Jacob JAMS