Cris Rose x Podgypanda Collaborate on Robot Pandas

Podgonauts by Podgypanda x Cris Rose

In further collaboration news, Cris Rose and Podgypanda have revealed their news series of crossover resin robots: Ramsay and the Podgonauts. Limited to only five pieces each, Ramsay and the Podgonauts measure in at about 3.5 inches and weigh 9 ounces. Both figures begin with the same sculpt, and individual character is defined through paint app by Rose and Podgy. Rose also offers this character description of why the robots are shaped like pandas…

This was at the specific request of a chain of theme restaurants who wanted all their robots to cook, serve and look like animals while doing it. Outfitted with a splash-guard to stop him getting prawns in the face and a big-ass jetpack, Ramsay was often in the air as each restaurant was a huge bio-dome, complete with trees, plants and running streams. The tables themselves were little open-top pods, hovering around the landscape, allowing diners take in the view while their robot chef cooked down below and jetted up with their orders. Ramsay’s programming was simple and he was good at his job…Wait a minute… where did those orders go? He put them right here…

Podgonauts and Ramsey by Podgypanda x Cris Rose

Tomorrow, April 5th, there will be a double release of both the Podgonauts and the Ramsays. At Cris Rose’s store, you can pick up both the regular Edition A Ramsays for $160 and a run of 3 “Dark Chocolatier” Ramsays for $190. At Podgypanda’s store, you can pick up Edition A Podgonauts (featuring the Panda Exploration Core in jumpsuit orange with articulated heads, removable domes and a monkey mechanic based off the Sprog series) for $130 a set.


And now, a message from the creator:

From the start of this project, we wanted to ensure that whatever we came up with, made sense to both of our art styles. We didn’t want out worlds to crash together and start polluting each other with nonsense for the sake of making something together, we wanted harmony and complimentary interaction. Knowing that I wanted to do collaborations like this for a number of years, I started adding story elements into the backstories of a variety of customs and show pieces to set things up for it.

Most explicitly, this was outlined in “Gallium Blue” and surrounded the experiments to fracture holes into alternate universes and send robots through.

The motivation behind this was to enable faster-than-light travel without breaking the speed of light, by fracturing into a universe where the laws of physics were different and then popping back into ours. However this could only be achieved by robots as the fractures themselves seemed to render living things… well… no longer living.

This tearing in and out of universes is what allows Ramsay and the Podgonauts to accidentally interact and is a storyline we hope to explore in length through resin releases, prints, sketches and anything else we can think of!

How are the Podgonauts protected from the fatal effects of the fractures? How did they stumble upon them? What does Ramsay have that they want so bad? And why must he get it back?

These fractures don’t just tie together my universe with those of other artists and storytellers, but to other universes of my own… but that’s another story for another release.

Podgonauts sketches