Leecifer Gives Camille Rose Garcia’s Girls a Comic Couture Makeover

Camille Rose Garcia Batgirls by Leecifer

I have a certain reputation (e.g. this) for being very critical of customized toys, which is (in part) why I like to post ones I see that I really enjoy. Camille Rose Garcia released Cherry, Lulu, Patch and conjoined twins Katie and Sadie (below) through Necessaries Toy Foundation in 2005. Although Camille Rose Garcia has released very few affordable multiples and her artwork has a habit of instantly selling out, the price of the vinyl girls surprisingly never really “rose”. As such, batches and separates can still be found at retail pricing, which is where self-proclaimed “toy ruiner,” Lee “Leecifer” Gajda comes in. Leecifer turned Garcia’s girls into original comic-couture art pieces (above). “Cat Woman,” “Harley,” “Batgirl/Robin” and “Poison Ivy” will be available at Comic-Con 2012 through Dragatomi (booth #4935).  I think that Siames Batgirl/Robin is brilliant, and I hope the four customized figures go to one collector’s home. Well done!


Camille Rose Garcia