Foldable.Me for the Fine Art of Papercraft Portraiture Foldable Jeremy

You can’t spell “origami” without “I.” And you can’t pronounce “origami” without “me.” So drop  the modesty and embrace your effigy…with Foldable.Me! Foldable Jeremy

The nice folks at UK-based Foldable.Me got in touch and hit me where I’m very vulnerable: things from England and renderings of me. A week later, an envelope showed up in Oakland. Stowed away inside was Flat Stanley‘s Jewish expat cousin, Foldable Jeremy. Foldable Jeremy

I’m just going to put it out there that I’m not what you’d call a crackerjack when it comes to papercraft. I’ve seen Shin Tanaka make it look easy, and it’s not! But I folded my Foldable.Me in a couple of minutes (with neither scissors nor glue). The portraits are printed on “premium precision cut and scored matt(e) laminated card,” and there’s even a 2-minute video if a visual aid is needed. Foldable Jeremy

And Voila: Foldable Jeremy was typing away on his tiny laptop in no time! Foldable Jeremy

Foldable.Me is similar to MAQET in that users can choose from a selection of hairstyles, facial features, skin tones and clothing options and apply them to a template (in this case, by Christopher Beaumont of CubeeCraft). The user experience is good, perhaps a result of investing the fruits of a successful Kickstarter campaign into solid web design. (Foldable.Me launched as a Kickstarter project a year ago with a goal of $2,500. They raised over $25,000! And people say print is dead…) Foldable Jeremy

I think they captured my essence pretty well here, huh? The papercraft portraits cost $11.99, which includes fast, free worldwide shipping. UPDATE: But wait! You can take $2 off now with discount code “JEREMYRIAD.” That means these are only $9.99 AND my blog doesn’t just always spend your money–sometimes it saves you money, too! Thanks, Foldable.Me! Make a foldable you here. Foldable Jeremy