Ferg at Comic-Con

Ferg and Design Bureau

Ferg flew to San Diego from Texas and went straight to a signing at Munky King for the release of his Misfortune Cat with Chris Ryniak. The designer behind Playge and Jamungo also did signings at Rotofugi (Trouble Boy #88 with Brandt Peters; sold out) and DKE (Budbats with Scott Wilkowski; sold out).

Ferg's Skelve in Progress

There were many highlights for Ferg and Ferg fans this year at SDCC. Ferg was honored with two Designer Toy Awards, I got to snap a matrixy picture of Ferg holding the issue of Design Bureau in which I wrote a column about him, and then there was the matter of this surprise Skelve…

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Ferg signing at DKE

Budbats by Ferg & Scott Wilkowski
Budbats by Scott Wilkowski & Ferg

Ferg signing at Munky King

Chris Ryniak x Ferg Misfortune Cat
Misfortune Cat by Chris Ryniak x Ferg

Ferg signing at Rotofugi

Trouble Boy #88 by Ferg and Brandt Peters
Trouble Boy #88 by Ferg and Brandt Peters