Sleep in a Sardine Can From Bed Toppings

Sardine Bed from Bed Toppings

It’s nice to know that there’s a connotation to “sleeping with the fishes” that doesn’t involve being drowned by the Mafia. If you’ve ever pondered how cozy it might feel to be packed into a sardine can that didn’t make you feel smelancholy, this is for you. Sardine Tin Bed Toppings are made with 100% 200 thread count cotton. Sardine Bed from Bed Toppings

For $265, you get a single bed size four-piece set including: fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case and a “doona” cover (which is Aussie for duvet cover). is the “dream” project of Australian designer Sophie Farquhar. Four designs (sardine can, chocolate bar, flower bed and colored pencil box) are currently available for pre-order.

[via Lost at E Minor]