Kusa Flip Flops Made of Fake Grass

Kusa Flip Flops Made of Fake Grass

An Australian brand called Yashin decided to make magic in flip flop form, and when the last bits of that special brownie cleared their system, the Kusa Flip Flops were born.

Love the feeling of bare feet on freshly mowed grass?  Why not have that feeling anywhere, anytime.  KUSA flip flops give you the opportunity to do just that. Where would you rather be?  What would you rather be doing?  Close your eyes and you are there!

I am totally in a forest right now. (My eyes are closed, but I can touch type.)

Kusa Flip Flops Made of Fake Grass

Kusa flip flops are made of a material called Syn-Turf, and Yashin says it’s as close to walking on grass as things get. I decided to strap two containers of Rosie’s Cat Grass to my feet to test their claim, but I just fell down, and now cats are licking my feet. I bet the Kusas are superior.

Grass Flip Flops by Kusa

Yashin provides a comprehensive fit chart to ensure you get your correct size. Pricewise, $29.95 isn’t bad for foot-fueled escapism, but expect to pay almost $50 to get them shipped to the US. As you might imagine, I think these are wonderful. As you might also imagine, I can find one fault. Wear Kusas on concrete. Wear Kusas in your cubicle. But wear Kusas on the beach? That doesn’t make any sense. Warm sand = escapism. Wearing fake grass flip flops at the beach = WTF…

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