Designer Ping-Pong Paddles from Uberpong

I’ve always enjoyed a friendly game of table tennis, but Internet start-ups have had the game-changing effect of morphing the staid and atypical Olympic sport into something “cool”. Enter Uberpong:

Uberpong’s goal is to inject some much needed cool into ping-pong and make it the most played sport in the US. Think of table tennis being the traditional, formal English parlor game, ping pong being the more contemporary American version and Uberpong being the future of the sport.

Uberpong aims to combine ping-pong (or table tennis) with great graphic design. That’s when it hit them: designer ping-pong paddles!

Dan Patton

The Uberpong team experimented with several printing techniques before deciding on a UV printing process. The key thing they needed to accomplish was printing the designs onto the rubber without compromising the integrity of the rubber because folks still had to be able to play their regular game with the paddles. Fashion PLUS, not OVER, function!

Uberpong reached their project goal and were funded on Kickstarter on August 15th.  When they launch this month, they plan to be the “world’s first ping-pong design community”. Paddles from the following artists and designers will be offered:

Gordon Holden (USA), Viktor Hertz (SWEDEN), Stephen Wildish (UK), Dan Patton (USA), Flynn Prejean (USA), Bianca Irving (USA), Tambolbee (PHILIPPINES), John Vogl (USA), Clint Wilson (USA), Nathan Brown (USA), Sean Mort (UK), Richard Koehler (USA), Brent Black (SOUTH AFRICA), Charlie Chauvin (USA), Dave DiAngelis (USA), Bobby Rosenstock (USA), Hannah Adamaszek AKA Hannah Chloe (UK), Jay Bramhall (USA), Maria Warnes (UK), and Sophie Roach (USA).

Uberpong also will be offering DIY and customizable ping-pong paddles.

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