Toy Art-Inspired Halloween Pumpkins

Paul and Melissa Kaiju Halloween pumpkins

I have SO MANY cool Halloween-related items to post that this one kind of exploded out of me a little early. One would imagine that Halloween is a pretty big deal in the home of Paul and Melissa Kaiju. [Tour their house here.] Melissa just released two free pumpkin-carving templates on her Super-Junk site here. The templates are based on Paul‘s Biter Man and Boss Carrion figures. Nice.

Pumpkin inspired by Gary Ham's Hermees

Gary Ham tweeted this Hermees pumpkin fan art. Appropriately, Sabrina worked off of the Hermees Trickster edition, which is available here.

A Pete Fowler Halloween

Finally, here’s a pumpkin tribute to Mr. Monsterist himself, Pete Fowler. Last year, enterprising UK bakers made Fowlerized bat biscuits (which are cookies, if you speak American). Yum.

Are you carving up a toyriffic Halloween pumpkin?