Futura Joins Instagram

Futura on Instagram

Graffiti art legend, Futura, has joined Instagram. Today, he made an interesting comment about Flickr, echoing some of my own thoughts about our myriad social networking options and their varying purposes.

that mission [Flickr] has terminated. this mission [Instagram] is more challenging and will require psychological tweeks; not photographic tactics.

Hmm… Go on…

I’m not purging the FLICKER EXPERIENCE; such an ARCHIVE is most formidable. with FOUR THOUSAND plus IMAGES; it was a work of art. the obvious resource; to the ultimate FUTURA database. but much like DR. FRANKENSTEIN . . . I created a MONSTER; which needed to be killed. hahahaha.

You should follow Futura on Instagram, but you can still view his Flickr pics in here. On a related note, this whole conversation reminded me of Futura vs. Lau 2008 and “The Pointman is dead, because I have killed him“. Lots of interesting conversations take place under the captions of pictures on social networks. Expand your horizons!

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