Don’t Pop This Art: Airigami Balloons

OK today’s my birthday, so here are some balloons.

American Gothic airigami

American Gothic airigami

These aren’t just ANY balloons; they’re arty balloons. And they’re not this kind of arty balloons, either. This is airigami: the art of folding air.

Jackson Pollock airigami

Jackson Pollock airigami

That’s right, kids: you’re looking at balloons. But as airigami founder and air folder Larry moss explains: “Balloons are not the toys they were when you were a kid – this air-filled art makes a serious impact.”

Andy Warhol airigami

Andy Warhol airigami

These are a lot of fun. Click through for a few more. Or click here to buy me a balloon for my birthday.

MC Escher in balloons

MC Escher airigami

Leonardo DaVinci in balloons

Leonardo DaVinci airigami

Whistler's Mother in balloons

Whistler's Mother airigami

Cezanne in balloons

Cezanne airigami

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