A Prescription for Bent Objects

Bent Objects by Terry Border
Drugs and Art Don’t Mix by Terry Border

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays and Garfield can’t help, I recommend Bent Objects.¬†Indianapolis-based sculptor/photographer Terry Border adds wire armatures to everyday objects to create anthropomorphic dioramas that tug at human emotion. For instance, a pill bottle, a pencil and some wire becomes a dialogue. The title of the work is “Drugs and Art Don’t Mix,” but then again, these artists might disagree.

Bent Objects: Chemical Imbalance
Chemical Imbalance

Inspired by the mobiles of Alexander Calder, Border has been making wire sculptures for at least 6 years. He began adding corks and fruits to flesh out the characters. He says he imagines himself as whatever object he’s working with at the time.

Bent Objects: Sleeping Pills
Sleeping Pills

Border is currently working on a Peanut-based storyline, so those of you with allergies, don’t click here. He also has an Adults Only site called Really Bent Objects. You can find his Bent Objects books at book stores and buy prints online here.