25 Junko Mizuno Tattoos

Quick and the Painful with Junko Mizuno tattoo flash

As I’ve been researching toy art tattoos, one artist whose work I keep coming across is Junko Mizuno. The majority of Junko Mizuno tattoos aren’t taken from her toy art, but rather from her original manga, paintings and books. I think what makes this so fascinating is that Mizuno’s work does not immediately scream “tattoo me” the way, for instance, Tara McPherson’s perhaps does. And yet, Mizuno’s characters translate so wonderfully to the canvas of the flesh–dare I say that they look even better on skin than in vinyl???

Junko Mizuno tattoo art

Junko Mizuno is one of several excellent artists participating in the upcoming Quick and Painful multi-city tattoo event. Over four days in four cities, for forty bucks, you can get a Junko Mizuno tattoo on your body. There’s a great little interview with the artist here, in which she points out how her love for onsen (Japanese hotsprings) keeps her from getting any tattoos of her own.

Junko Mizuno tattoo art

When asked how she felt about seeing her work permanently affixed to fan’s bodies, Mizuno replied:

I was happy but also felt responsible. I’d like to keep getting better as an artist so they won’t regret getting my art permanently on their bodies.

I doubt the following 25 people have any regrets! Click through for 25 possibly slightly NSFW anime girl tattoos.

Junko Mizuno’s 2 giclee print set of original flash art created for Quick & Painful will be available at all of the Q&P events for only $45. It will be available online at The Hope Shop starting October 9th for $55.