If Man Was Merely an Armature: Freakshow Sculptures by Simon Birch

Adbenar © Simon Birch (steel wool)
Adbenar © Simon Birch (steel wool)

These captivating Freakshow installations by UK-born, Hong-Kong-based artist, Simon Birch are made with humans and household products. Birch, however, has inverted the ordinary sculpting process by introducing a mutation. Rather than use aluminum foil and wire for an armature, he uses a person. He then covers the man or woman with wool, balloons, stockings and incense.

Pris Freakshow Sculpture
Pris © Simon Birch (nylon tubing)

I find it fascinating how the body can be so transformed. Here’s Birch answering an interviewer’s prompt to describe what he does:

I make art with paint and sometimes with film and steel and whatever else time and resources allow. What I do is the thing that stops me killing myself.

OK, so he comes off sounding a tad dramatic. Better than a tad nonplussed. I wonder what stops him killing other people? Because in thes next photo, he’s basically covering a woman with aromatic kindling…

Urban Freakshow Sculpture
Urban © Simon Birch (incense sticks)

All homicide jokes aside, this work is amazing. Click through to see more of Simon Birch’s Freakshow. At the very end, I’ve also included a few photos for the skeptics who don’t think there’s real people under there…

Godfrey Freakshow Sculpture
Godfrey © Simon Birch (plastic balls)
Tweaker Freakshow Sculpture
Tweaker © Simon Birch (stockings, packing foam)
Gorehound Freakshow Sculpture
Gorehound © Simon Birch (toothpick)
Dave Freakshow Sculpture
Dave © Simon Birch (cable ties)
Gordon Freakshow Sculpture
Gordon © Simon Birch (water balloons and stockings)

Oh, and in case you didn’t think there were real people under there…please meet Gordian and Tweaker.

Gordian Freakshow Sculpture
Gordian © Simon Birch
Tweaker Freakshow Sculpture
Tweaker © Simon Birch
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