Open Letter to My First Flipper

Jeremycat Flipped on eBay!

Dear Justin: Don’t they teach this in Flipper 101? If you’re going to flip something (quickly resell it at a grossly inflated price), you might want to actually have it in hand before you list it on eBay. I’m really quite flattered that you find my little Jeremycat worthy of a $70 price tag. It sold out at a price of $13, and I’m very pleased with that.

Jeremycats Sold Out!

But, see the thing is, while Google street view shows a couple of overflowing dumpsters in front of your condo community, life’s hard all over. I’m a struggling writer, for instance, and Ferg’s a designer. If there was $70 (or even $35) in these cats, I think you’d agree that we’d be more entitled than you, right? OK, glad we straightened that out. I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from when you see that I’ve cancelled your order and refunded your payment. If you still want a cat toy, take a hike. Seriously: I can see there’s a Petco right up your street!

Cheers, Jeremy

UPDATE! This just in: “Flipper Angers Mom”.