Keep Calm and Kickstart BearyCalm!

Two absolutely adorable artists have designed what is essentially a totem in the form of a toy. The asymmetrical BearyCalm was “born from the friction of lead, paper, and two creative minds that live 8,917 miles away from each other”. The creative duo is Hong Kong’s Bubi Au Yeung and Florida’s Camilo Bejarano. They kinda look like this:

Bearycalm Creator Portraits

This is the BearyCalm pledge:

Unlike other toys, BearyCalm has the power to bring harmony and balance to your life and home. No matter if you’re sad or angry BearyCalm is there for you. But beware, BearyCalm has some side effects which may include trouble getting angry or sad, lowering stress, and reducing the amount of white hairs.

Sounds good to me…


These are 3D renderings of the initial BearyCalm colorways: white, mint and black.

Bearycalm Renderings

The mission of BearyCalm reminds me very much of what Shin + Nao and I wanted to accomplish with LOVE MOVEMENT. Here is what Bubi and Camilo write:

The world needs to be in peace, we need to help the world stop being in pain. For that, people need to learn how to be calm. So we asked ourselves, how can we help?

calm > very calm > berry calm > beary calm! lets create a limited edition vinyl toy that will be a symbol for peace and calmness. and so BearyCalm was born!

BearyCalm is currently in production with Crazy Label, who you may recall as the great company who helped Sergey Safonov and I send Luno the Moon Wanderer around the world after its successful Kickstarter campaign. Here is where we come in.

Keep Calm and Kickstart Bearycalm

Through their Kickstarter project, Bubi and Camilo are seeking funds “to continue the production of the world-changing bear and to spread the love around the world by fueling our passion with creativity. Our idea is to make Beary the first out a whole line of positive toys and stories.”

The cost of producing the vinyl toy, shipping, web hosting, 3D renderings and other bills is about $11,750.

Bearycalm Wax

BearyCalm has already made it to a wax prototype (above) and a ‘flesh-colored’ vinyl test pull (below). Bubi and Camilo are offering white, mint and black vinyl BearyCalms, along with an assortment of calming ephemera as pledge rewards. The project is nearing its funding goals. Just a few more BearyCalm adopters could make this a success!

Bearycalm Vinyl Test Pull

As someone who has a penchant for blogging about OCD and drug art, I’d be a hypocrite to not put my money where my panic is. Not only that, but I like this toy, and I like these artists. Join me and the other nearly 100 backers who believe in the plastic panacea and help Kickstart BearyCalm.

Bearycalm Wisdom