Italian Kids’ Toy Gets Japanese Streetwear Makeover

Rody by ZacPac Italian Kids' Toy Gets Japanese Streetwear Makeover

When last we looked in on Italian-Kids’-Toy-Cum-Adult-Art-Multiple, Rody, he was involved in a cuteness collision with Uamou. Here’s something different: Venice Black Rody. It’s a collaboration between Tokyo-based toy store, ZacPac and children’s streetwear label, Flake. I’m now going to quote the press:

Combined with their common essence, SK8, punk rock, west coast culture etc, this VENICE BLACK, inspired by Suicidal Tendencies, is born!! This RODY comes with bandana, so you can wear it like Suicidal Tendencies, 2Pac etc.”

Ha! Don’t you know some alt-parents out there for whom this would make a perfect gift? It should retail for about $40 wherever DKE distributes, so ask for this kids’ toy with the Japanese streetwear makeover at your local designer toy shops.

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