Project Luno Has Been Funded!

Project Luno on Kickstarter Has Been Funded!We just launched Luno into space! Thanks to your support, Sergey Safonov’s Kickstarter project was funded at 125%! This means that not only will Luno and Mini Luno immediately go into production, but Sergey will be able to fly from Moscow to¬†Crazy Label in Hong Kong for QC and autographing.

Sergey recorded a brief message from Moscow’s Space Pavilion over the weekend. Although I can’t figure out how to embed it here, you can play it here. He talks about the inspiration for Luno while driving rain and sleet pours down. Sergey was invited to make this video for Some shout-outs after the jump.

Big thanks to: Delme, Shing, Molly, Matt, Amy, Ray, Vanessa, Anton, David, Alexey, Denise, Kyle, Mark, Andrey, Eric, vtp8545, Stephen, Jan, Mark, Happydog, Phil, Bubi, Sybilla, Andrew, Mauerlat, Julio, Kate, Matt, Paul, David, Daniel, Alyssa, Nate, Elton, John, Maria, The Sinister Penguin, Javier, Timothy, Frederika, Erin, Asha, Brian, MvdScore, Stephen, Luis, Yoyoshka, David, Hannah, Vadim, Jeremy, Ekaterina, Masha, Raymond, Michael and Sergey’s sister!

We also couldn’t have done it without the support of the toy bloggers, space bloggers and design bloggers who spread the word. Thanks, and stay tuned for updates from Hong Kong!