Grumpy Cat Toys from Plastic Foundry

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Like many people who look at stuff on the Internet, I’m just wild about Grumpy Cat. The dour-faced feline appears on all manner of merchandise (I was helpless against buying this Hipster Animals shirt), but Grumpy Cat toys have yet to catch the attention of toy artists. Until now.

Grumpy cat toys from Mightyjaxx

Plastic Foundry in Singapore has now launched an edition of hand-cast resin Grumpy Cat art toys in three colors: white, black and pink.

Grumpy cat toys

The toy artifacts are three inches tall and priced at $30 each–but there’s a catch. Plastic Foundry isn’t  letting the cat out of the bag.* Yes, that’s right: These Grumpy Cats are sold blind-bag style. So you can get black, white or pink, but you cannot make a specific choice. To guarantee yourself a preferred color, you have the option to purchase a set of all three colorways for $90. If there are mystery colors, variants or chase pieces, they’ve yet to be announced.

Grumpy cat meme

I’m going to come right out and say: I’m not feline the fact that these cats are blind-bagged. It’s just not necessary. You could argue that it’s for the fun of the mystery, but this is a pre-order. From Plastic Foundry’s website:

As this is a pre-order and they are all handmade, please give us 2 weeks to produce the figures, will ship out to you promptly.

Well, if you haven’t hand-made them yet, make us the ones we want! (Green please. And while we’re talking, Grumpy Cat’s face needs a bit more “gravitas.”)

Grumpy cat meme

It’s not perfect, but its makers get points for paying attention and bringing art and cats to mass culture. For that reason alone, go adopt Grumpy Cats from Plastic Foundry here.

I had fun once. It was horrible.
A Grumpy Cat classic.

* As a writer who covers collectible toys and cats, I’ve waited years to do something like use the idiom “letting the cat out the bag” in literal and figurative forms at the same time. My day is made! Have a nice weekend.

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