The First Blind-Boxed Resin Toys Series

Resin is King Series 1 Resin Toys

Resin is King Series 1 is a collaborative resin toys project between Dead Hand Toys (Brian Ahlbeck) and Tenacious Toys (Benny Kline). It’s a 40-piece blind-boxed series of resin toys with collector-pleasing ratios of 1/1. Every single piece is unique. Each artist created a new sculpt specifically for this series, and after they cast the pieces in resin, they hand-painted and otherwise individually embellished them. The figures in this series measure about 3 inches tall, and they’re randomly-packed in the boxes with a ratio card and a sticker. Everything here–resin toys & packaging–is all made in the USA (except for Rich Page, who is some sort of ‘limey’), too, FYI.

Resin is King Series 1 resin toys

Here’s Benny K on how the series came about:

Last year we [Benny and Brian] were hanging out and it occurred to both of us that there had never really been a multi-artist blind box resin figure series, so we decided to create one. We picked a very small group of friends and associates to include in Series 1: Brian, of course, plus Rich Page, NEMO & Osiris (Bad Applez), Matt A*Jay222Motorbot and Dave Bondi. We wanted to keep the price point low and offer up a similar buying experience to the multitude of blind-boxed vinyl toys on the market. If Series 1 goes well, we have big, BIG plans for Series 2. Props to all the guys in Series 1.

In case you just woke up from a coma, the “buying experience” of Resin is King Series 1 provides WAY BETTER satisfaction than your average blind-box vinyl ratios. [Remember this industry investigative report?] Don’t be so modest, Kline: You’re a New Yorker, and you look sharp. And while we’re on the subject, this is for those of you who shop by The Hisey PrincipleTM. Benny Kline is not just a long-time, upstanding member of the toy scene, but he’s also a good friend. He and his wife were really helpful this weekend with advice of a veterinary nature.

Enough of that sappiness, click through for a few more pictures, including the elusive Golden Ticket!

Resin is King Series 1 resin toys

Ahlbeck created a special Teuth as a Golden Ticket (below). The Golden Ticket will be randomly inserted into one of the blind boxes. The winner just needs to contact Tenacious Toys to redeem the ticket for the Teuth.

Resin is King Series 1 resin toys

Resin is King Series 1 blind boxes will be $25 each. The series is available tonight, Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 8PM EST / 5PM PST HERE.

Resin is King Series 1