Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys Show

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowSaturday night saw the debut of Super7‘s first group custom toys show at it’s new Haight Street location. The show, 1-Offs, was comprised of custom paint jobs on vinyls exclusively by Super7 and Gargamel. The crowd came out to see, support, and later, trade toys.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowAmidst a sea of gloss-coated and automotive paint-sprayed monsters, my buddy Dustin Cantrell‘s trio of luster-finished figures stood out. Left to right: Bionic Ooze, Deathra in a Plane and Wheelbarrow.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowHere’s a closeup of Wheelbarrow, an older Gargamel fight figure. I can’t personally imagine wanting to collect a genre of toys based on fantasy battle characters, but these micro-niches of toy collecting are what makes it all diverse and interesting. Not to mention, I think Dustin’s paint on this toy looks rad.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowPlaSeeBo never disappoints. Here’s his Vampoloctopus and Rose Vampire Ghost Tank. I’m sure Bob has a story for both of these.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowDril One has really got the rusty and corroded look on lock down. These toys are on the opposite end of the typically polished customs you see at a Super7 show. I overhead a collector saying he liked the way they looked, but they gave him the sensation of imparting dirtiness onto the surrounding toys. Although local Dril One was not in town for the show, I guarantee he would’ve appreciated that comment. Left to right: Vintage Mongolion, Vintage Visighost, Vintage Fire Robo and Vintage Super Puncher.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowAnother general observation about customized Super7 and Gargamel toys: they’re not usually high on concept. That’s why I dig this F451 Fire Robo by San Francisco’s own Zombiemonkie. I wish the books were painted in warmer colors more indicative of being burned, but I appreciate the idea of a fireman robot extinguishing the flames over burning banned books.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowBrian Flynn, owner of Super7, painted a rainbow of Mummy Boy mascots and minis. Most (or all) of these were quickly snatched up by collectors.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowAll-around good guy Leecifer organized the 1-Offs show and still found time to paint Dead Peppermint Rose, Gator Knievel and Bat Sal.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowAnother set of figures that broke from the norm were Two Below Garuru, Big Sal the Stampede and Three Mile Steven by Valleydweller. These paint jobs are not typical treatments for Monster Family figures, but you know what? I think they work. The technical skill on such a small scale is top notch.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowToybot Studios‘ figures shine (pun intended). Kirkland transcends a style that’s become the de rigueur paint job in this scene with his super spray skills. His figures really pop. I’m digging the Rose Deathra mashup. Left to right: Space Mongo, Rose Deathra and Junkyard Ghost by Toybot Studios.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowSome of the best customs can be deceptively simple, like this Double Mummy Gator by Cliff of MONSTREHERO.

Super7 1-Offs Custom Toys ShowHere’s Jay222 showing Len and David his Gargar. Maybe if you ask him nicely, he’ll show you his Gargar, too. Always cool to see toy collectors in real life. See what’s still available from 1-Offs here.