Nugglife Custom Grow-op by Ian Ziobrowski

Nugglife custom grow-op by Ian ZiobrowskiMy newly-arrived-at lack of love for (the majority of) customized toys is being challenged recently, and I’m not just in good spirits because of today’s holiday either. Simply put: Nugglife by Ian Ziobrowski (Flickr set) is DOPE.

Nugglife custom grow-op by Ian Ziobrowski

What Ziobrowski has done to this blank MAD*L figure is really rather incredible. He’s created an environment, complete with a cast of characters.

The fellow on the left is a recurring character for Ziobrowski. I first met “Nuggs” in the form of this NuggyTrooper in Oakland at the 2009 3D Canvas show. That show was curated by Task One, another artist who has done some amazing custom toy art of late (not to mention a healthy amount of bong rips, surely, as well).

The level of interior and exterior detail in the lab area is amazing. All the plants and tools are hand-made.

Even out of sight of the MAD*L, the characters tell a story: In the distance is “Crook-Ed,” Ziobrowski’s crooked cop keeping an eye on “Thuggz”.

The only time I’ll say this sentence: These DEA agents are so cute! And the drug-sniffing dogs are customized Frank Kozik Labbits. I suspect the artist behind a set of Labbits and an art show called Stoner Fort would be pleased.

Well done, Ian! Somebody put this guy in touch with me! Have a safe and happy 4/20.