Benny the Dreamer Mini Coming Soon from Okedoki and VTSS

Mini Benny the Dreamer by Okedoki x VTSS

Okedoki and VTSS continue to experiment with ‘economies of scale’ and Benny the Dreamer. Last September, a four-foot Benny was commissioned for the Melrose Ave opening of Toy Art Gallery, and a hand-painted Big Benny followed soon after. But bigger isn’t always better, and for her latest project, Okedoki will introduce “Honey I Shrunk Benny the Dreamer”. [<–Affectionate, yet unauthentic title]

Mini Benny the Dreamer by Okedoki x VTSS

Check out that resin mold! (Or “mould” as they say in Canada, eh?) Okedoki isn’t ready to share a release date yet, but she does have some advice for the inpatient:

Go stare at big Benny from a distance, and you have mini Benny now!

True enough! Click through for a look back at the different sizes of Benny the Dreamer.

An Army of Benny the Dreamers...

Benny the Dreamer, standard size, released April 28th, 2011.

Mini Benny the Dreamer by Okedoki x VTSS

A mini Benny prototype…


Big Benny and good friends at Modern Eden in LA.

Big Benny and Friends

Big Benny and more friends at Toy Art Gallery in LA.


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