The Facebook Bed

The Facebook Bed by Tomislav Zvonarić

Croatian designer, Tomislav Zvonarić, has solved an important first world problem: how to squeeze even MORE social networking into a 24-hour period. Welcome to FBed, a conceptual “multipractical” Facebook bed in the shape of an F with a computer, icon-covered bedding and Facebook logo hits all over the place.

FBed is a critique on our culture. It speaks to the lengths we go to in order to stay socially relevant. Zvonarić’s commentary shows how we are literally in bed with brands. We are so consumed by social media that people crash into each other walking down the street updating their Facebook statuses.

The Facebook Bed by Tomislav Zvonarić

Zvonarić writes:

FBed is a conceptual multipractical bed design that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep. The idea is that you may hop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and  inverse when you get tired and want to go sleep…

While FBed is only a concept, the future is already here. Whether you sleep on a tatami mat or a Tempurpedic, your nearby smart phone keeps you connected with the waking world 24/7.

A 2010 Retrevo Gadgetology study of 1000 Americans showed that 48% of those polled say they update Facebook or Twitter during the night or as soon as they wake up. And 19% of people under the age of 25 say they update Facebook or Twitter anytime they happen to wake up during the night; 11% over the age of 25 say they do the same thing. The study also noted that 42% check Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning, with 28% of iPhone users saying they do it before they even get out of bed.

It’s probably worse now actually. Nice thought-provoking design. Check out more pictures of FBed here.

The Facebook Bed by Tomislav Zvonarić

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