KAWS Candles, Light Bulbs and Incense

KAWS candles

For the person with money to burn, OriginalFake presents these new KAWS 5YL Companion candles for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. They come in black and ivory, and they’re FREE…with a catch: You must first spend ¥50,000 at the OriginalFake store in Japan. That basically prices the candles at about $600 USD each.

The forthcoming KAWS candles are 10X the price of last year’s KAWS lightbulbs. And you thought $50 KAWS incense was a hardship!

KAWS incense

The KAWS incense came out in 2009, amid the typical hue and cry of hype and hate. Since the ‘common’ reaction to $50 incense sticks is fairly obvious, here’s devil’s advocate commentary from Hypebeast.

Hypebeasts that hate other hypebeasts are annoying as hell. Just because people are loyal to some brands and you to others does not make you any better than them. If you want to drive a Sentra and someone else a Lamborgini, then let them be. If you rock stan smiths and someone else prefers dunks, then so what? Some people can afford $50.00 incense. Get over it you morons. Quit complaining about the price designers slap on their products and get better paying jobs. You sound like a bunch of babies. Some people like Kaws and will pay for his incense. Stick with your dollar store bullshit and keep it moving.


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