Cutest Hot Pot BBQ Herb Garden Ever

Lil Hot pot BBQ

This is brilliant. The London-based Anglo-Swiss duo of Dan Black and Martin Blum have created a masterpiece of design so cutting edge you didn’t know you needed it until now. The Hot Pot BBQ combines a grill, an herb garden and a potted plant. For the person who finds traditional barbecues unsightly, you can now conceal a personal grill in the guise of a terracotta pot. I actually have no idea why someone would want to do this, but damn if I don’t suddenly want to find out.

We’re growing a bunch of herbs right now: rosemary, basil and cilantro, among them. The appeal of this l’il grill is that you can grow your herbs on the top to season the food you cook in it. What will they think of next?! The Hotpot BBQ is made from stainless steel and heat-insulating ceramic coating. You know you don’t need this, but if you’ve got $124, it’s all yours right here.

For scrolling down and sticking with me on design topics that go beyond just toys, I salute you with this tiltshift photo. Don’t I look dapper in lederhosen?

[Hot Pot BBQ via: Lost at E Minor]