The Sundead Suntanning Coffin Emits Death Rays

Sundead by Luciano Podcaminsky

Argentinean artist and designer Luciano Podcaminsky has created the perfect final resting place for the cast of Jersey Shore. Sundead comments on the fatal effects of suntanning. The full-sized coffin, Sundead, opens to reveal an interior lined with rows of suntan lights. The piece is constructed from felt, polyurethane coating, iron and fluorescent lamps.

Sundead by Luciano Podcaminsky

Remember this post about Devota (the Comic-Con of funeral directors)? I can really see the Sundead coffin being shown at the German mortician’s gathering. And don’t forget: you can put your own fun in funeral with these DIY coffins!

Anti-suntan coffin by artist Luciano Podcaminsky

Anti-suntan coffin by Luciano Podcaminsky