Wake Up with Kinetic Music Videos Using Art Supplies and Food

In spite of Ron English’s best “popaganda,” I ate 2 bowls of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal this morning, and I’m feeling positively sugar-charged. If you want to experience zero calorie attention deficit disorder, check out these energetic videos by Banagalore-based motion graphics designers, Rocket Science Films. Directors Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas occupy your eyeballs with a dazzling array of colored pencils, post-it notes and balloons. Meanwhile, D NOVA provides the kinetic soundtrack.

“We had a freak-out time designing this video,” they told FastCoDesign. “It’s the joy of being hands-on, of being able to feel the graphics with your touch.”

This trippy short was created for the launch of something called The Birthplace. Rocket Science Films used mixed media and claymation characters with stop-motion animation.

The duo also created TV spots for Karnataka Tourism with vegetables and stop-motion. The spots asked people to take a break from the stressful Annual Budget (during which the commercials aired), and go on a holiday to the hills of Coorg, the monuments at Hampi or to spot the Elephants at Bandipur.

Genius Crazy by Rocket Science Design

Birthplace by Rocket Science Design