EARTH MOVEMENT Lottery Winners

Sad Girl Lost Her Toy by Mae Madl (age 4)
“Sad Girl Lost Her Toy” by Mae Madl (age 4)

We gave out a grip of prizes during the opening reception for EARTH MOVEMENT this past Saturday. However, we also wanted to do something special for all of our young, participating artists who couldn’t make it out to San Francisco for the event. Each artistic work in the show was assigned a number, and we input the numeric range into a random number picker. Our l’il lottery produced three winning numbers.

Congratulations to big winner, Mae Madl (she just turned 5), whose painting “Sad Girl Lost Her Toy” is a glimpse into a young girl’s attempted understanding, empathy and solidarity toward the victims of last year’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. “Sad Girl Lost Her Toy” is currently available for purchase here.

Doodled Plushes by Lucy Moose

Mae wins a fantastic prize. Scotland-based Lucy Moose will create a bespoke plush toy (examples above) based on an original character doodled by Mae. Lucy’s plushes bring childhood imagination into the third dimension with whimsical, magical creatures. [Check out this 3-foot moose mascot, Lucy sewed up (with design and art direction courtesy of her sons, Gus and Spike) for EARTH MOVEMENT.]

Click through to watch a short video and learn more about Lucy Moose, as well as reveal the identities of our other two winners!

We sincerely hope Mae will make a cheerier doodle to give Lucy for her plush masterpiece! Congrats, and we’ll be in touch with your dad!

The Soft Sea by Sophia (age 4) with Dawn Barton
The Soft Sea by Sophia (age 4) with Dawn Barton

Sophia (age 4) and Dawn’s number came up next. Their mixed-media collaboration, “The Soft Sea,” depicts a lone woman sitting quietly on the edge of the beach as the tide sweeps in. “The Soft Sea” has already been sold, but we’re giving the girls a pair of watches from Vannen Watches, so they can track the time until their next art show.

Vannen Artist Watches

Vannens are the official timekeepers of!

Volcano vs. Aliens by Kai (age 6) with Scott Saw
Volcano vs. Aliens by Kai (age 6) with Scott Saw

Last, but not least, is Kai (age 6) and Scott Saw with their collaboration, “Volcano vs. Aliens”. Their painting poses the question: What happens when the natural and the supernatural battle it out? The answer can be yours with the acquisition of “Volcano vs. Aliens,” currently available here.

Munky King Omis

We’re sending Kai a three-pack of DIY OMI toys courtesy of Munky King designer toy store in Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see what Kai creates next!

Big thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in EARTH MOVEMENT. Check out scenes from the opening here. Check out available artwork (most priced at $100 or under) here.