FriendsWithYou and KAWS in NYC!

As of today, large scale installations by both FriendsWithYou AND KAWS are in serendipitously close proximity in New York! For fans of toys and art considering a visit to NYC, I can’t imagine a better time than right now.

FriendsWithYou has mounted the impressive forty-piece Rainbow City wonderland on the new section of The High Line. If you’ve never been to the High Line, the above-ground urban park was awesome before the duo from Miami “brought the heat”. I can’t even imagine how fantastic it is to behold now. Arrested Motion visited the installation last night, capturing the vision above.

As if FWY wasn’t enough, this morning brings the bold news that KAWS is returning to New York, and he’s not just “passing through”. The Standard Hotel, which straddles The High Line, has been tweeting the progress of KAWS’ giant Companion (first seen in Hong Kong and now safely in the hotel’s Plaza). In addition to the huge sculpture, a mini-exhibition with sketches, toys and OriginalFake merch will be on display until October.