MARS-1 Infinite Tapestry Blacklight Poster

Mars 1 Infinite Tapestry

San Francisco’s MARS-1 and Electric Works have collaborated on a black-flocked, day-glo-inked poster of Infinite Tapestry.

This limited edition poster brings back the best of underground poster-making from 1970s. The rich velvety black is just that: virtually the whole print is covered in black flocking. Underneath that is a layer of UV-reactive fluorescent day-glo inks. Each 32″x25″ print is signed by MARS-1.

This is a limited-edition signed and numbered blacklight poster. The color background was applied with a process called “Split Fountain” in which all 5 colors are put on the screen and mixed into the gradient in one pull as the squeegee goes across the screen. Each pull mixes the inks a little differently so each print is unique. The fluorescent inks are UV reactive so the poster has one look in the daylight and totally different colors under blacklight.

Mars 1 Infinite Tapestry by SF Electric Works

That whole “split fountain” process sounds really rad. Maybe if I show up at Electric Works, they’ll give me a demo…The poster was printed in an edition of 140 (plus proofs), and it’s available for $85 now here.

Also: Check out this short video with Mars-1 and Doze Green: