There’s One in Every Bunch…Sket One’s Rotten Tomato Guardian

Sket One's Buckeye Rot

Ah, the joys of growing your own and playing with toys…

I decided our tomato crop could use protection; a scarecrow of sorts to ward off would-be worm intruders. Enter Sket One‘s Buckeye Rot. Sket designed three colorways of his original rotten tomato character design, and they were released in 2008 as some of the final vinyl toys to come from the now-defunct WheatyWheat company. The Buckeye Rot figures are fun. They have articulated tails and arms, and they come with extra hands and knives. (You can alternate between bird-flipping and knife-holding. For the security guard position, I’ve selected a “You say tomato; I say fuck you” stance.)

Sket One's Buckeye Rot

Because of WheatyWheat’s dissolution, Buckeye Rot never got much promotion in its day. In addition to the standard red edition (804 pieces), there was a black and GID edition (204 pieces) and a black and gold edition (5 pieces). The Buckeyes were shipped in clever wooden crate packaging, which added to the presentation and price of the figure.

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