Retro Muppets Posters For Sale

Muppets posters by Michael DePippo x Acme

Remember Michael dePippo‘s throwback concert posters for Muppets’ band, Electric Mayhem? The series received a great deal of (well-deserved) media attention, and now you can finally buy them. Acme Specialty Art is releasing the set of 5 screen prints individually. As of today, an 18×24″ Dr. Teeth print (limited to 250) is available for $60 here. Zoot, Janice, Floyd and Animal will follow weekly.

These are excellent. My only gripe is that dePippo abandoned the paper folds and weathering of his original digital designs for the screen prints. Perhaps those effects wouldn’t have worked on paper? Check out the comparison above (for sale) and below (original), and then head over to Acme to order your DR. TEETH!

Electric Mayhem posters © Michael DePippo