LOVE MOVEMENT Funded on Kickstarter

Love Movement Funded on Kickstarter!This is the best “Yes we can” since Obama took office. I awoke to the beautiful phrase “This project will be funded.” I could tell you that I always knew it would make it, but there were a few dicey times when my neurosis got in front of my optimism. In the end, YOU made it happen. YOU are:

Daniel, Blake, Nicole, Amy, Greta, Matt, Josh, Andrew, Sarah, Matthias, Stephanie, Erick, Edward, Julie, Jesse, Ritzy, Shing Yin, Spanky, David, Monica, Jeremy, Michal, Jacob, Matthew, Mom and Dad, Abi, Kirkland, Jack, Kazunri, RJ, Nate, Mathew, The Blot, Vanessa, Chris, Steve, Molly and Pete, Brian, Carlos, Gary, Kendrick, Beth and Gino

The show is ONE WEEK AWAY! We have all kinds of great rewards for you supporters, and I’m sure there will be some special surprises, too. Kickstarter only kicks me over your contact info when the project officially finishes on 12/10, so watch for emails from me about T-shirts sizes, names, messages of love and mailing addresses!

It’s not too late to get in on the action. Kickstarter, Amazon and shipping fees all cut into our budget, so feel free to keep spreading the word and grabbing rewards for 5 more days.

Your support makes it possible for Shin & Nao to fly from Tokyo to San Francisco with piles of art and stay near the Superfrog gallery. I thank you on their behalf, and if you make it out to the show on 12/11, I’m sure they will do the same in person. Don’t forget to RSVP.

To quote Marc Almond, whose 80s tunes with Soft Cell you might hear during the LOVE MOVEMENT reception, “I Feel Love.” Cheers!