A Rainbow Mandala Made of Toy Cars

Car Atlas Rainbow Mandala by David T. Walker

No, it’s not another carpet made out of household objects. It’s the Car-Atlas Rainbow, an installation comprised of 1,500 toy cars in the form of a rainbow mandala by David T. Walker. A digital print is mentioned, but I can’t find any sales information.┬áIt would be a public service if Walker made this into decals so that Los Angeles commuters could have a mandala machina during gridlock.

If there’s any question about this being a fine example of OCD art, a Flickr commenter, requesting a poster for her son’s bedroom writes:

My son has been aligning toy cars for the past year, sometimes sorting them by color… He’s a little over 2.

I used to do that. More photos here. Pretty.

Car Atlas Rainbow Mandala by David T. Walker

[via Colossal]

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