Hipster Animals: Do I Look Like This?

Social Media Branding Analyst

I do social media and branding… I wear glasses and green sneakers… I have what impolite company might refer to as a beak… But I draw the line at denim jackets! Dyna Moe is a comedian/illustrator whose¬†Hipster Animals are “like Richard Scarry characters [at] a Grizzly Bear show.” Doesn’t “Artisinal Charcuterie Maker” say it all? Actually, two out of three of those words are unknown to my spell-checker. Oh Windows, you are so tragically unhip! Click through for a few more Hipster Animals, and be sure to follow @dynamoe for updates.

Hipster Animals by Dyna MoeFull-Time Etsy Crafter by Dyna MoeCharacters by Dyna Moe

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